HELIOwin software for plastic resins dryer

software for control and documentation
of WINsystem® resins dryer

Every dryer within the system can be programmed exactly basing on

  • the capacity and
  • initial humidity of the resin

The necessary data is available

  • on the HELIOS databace or
  • on individual customer data base

and will be transferred via CAN-Bus.

The desired drying result is achieved at lowest possible energy consumption.

HELIOcontrol software and can be upgrated at any time.

HELIOwin software for plastic resins dryer


drying documentation

in form of PDF drying protocols for Audits/Certifications

  • Every drying process is constantly recorded in form of PDF protocol as per each drying task, in case of several days lasting drying process in 24 hours settings.
  • The protocols are available as a PDF file.
  • The actual state of all drying units within the system are monitored in real time under „job managment“.
  • All Helios WINsystem® resins dryers are applicable in standard to use the HELIOcontrol software.

All relevant parameters such as

  • drying temperature
  • dry air volume flow
  • dew point of the dry air
  • drying time
  • possibly occured operational faults having influence upon the drying quality

are constantly monitored as per single drying task over elapsed time.


system job management

macro and user administration, allocation of dryer units, conveying units and unloading stations.

the status of all installed dryers are monitored on revolving timeline parallelly. every drying task is documented and archived stating the drying job data, process parameters, events and possible failures.
material database
display PC or IPC
Benefit from experience with HELIOS by falling back to a data menu for all common resins or programming individually drying menu for special resins basing on your own experience and initial humidity of the resin. all information on drying process is collected monitored. Not only the process run but also the energy and compressed air consumption, residence time and eventual operational faults are also monitored. All dryers are shown in real time.