HELIOvac software for hopper loader

HELIOvac® Software for hopper loader

HELIOvac is a universal conveying control for

  • up to 128 conveying points and
  • 32 vacuum lines

consisting of

  • MCM (microcontroller module)
  • software for Windows (from XP onwards)
  • CAN-Bus

One can plug any PC as a server via USB/CAN-Module.

Additionally, all company PC’s can be used as satellite working places via company net work (LAN).


 HELIOvac software for hopper loader


All round applicable

  • MCM-modules are applicable for all current hopper loader types.
  • the existing conveying system can be modified building a new centralized material conveying system integrated within the HELIOControl complete system.

signals from

  • filling level sensors
  • discharge valves
  • filter dedusting devices etc.

wether as open or closed stage signals can be handled.

HELIOvac software for hopper loader
example: stainless steel hopper loader
with MCM module.